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Rex Ziak uncovered an entire month of overlooked history.  His discoveries rewrote the story of Lewis & Clark's arrival at the Pacific Ocean and led to the creation of a new National Park.

Babies, Bears and Bullets

Lewis & Clark wrote 800,000 words in their journals, including many amazing tales.  Some stories are dramatic while others are hilarious and intriguing.  Rex Ziak has selected the best to share with you.

Mozart's Letters

The Mozart family wrote more than 600 private letters which contain details about the struggles, romances and intrigue that made up the personal life of this musical giant.

Joh Jacob Astor: Godfather of American Business

John Jacob Astor is the original rags to riches story.  We will retrace his business life from butcher to multi-millionaire, including the three "knows" that guided his business philosophy.

Thomas Jefferson: Founding Farmer

He was a statesman and president but this true passion was gardening, farming and planting.  This lecture shows a side of Mr. Jefferson rarely seen.

James Cook: Crisis Management

When a crisis occurs there is no time to make plans.  Fortunately history has provided us with a perfect example that can be learned and spplied to nearly any situation today.

Julius Caesar and The Gallic Wars

In 58 B. C. the Romans invaded Europe setting off a famous struggled called the Gallic Wars.  This is the story of the six years of conflict that changed the world.

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